Grazmore – tetraploid perennial ryegrass     grazmore-new

  • Highly palatable
  • Nil endophyte
  • Superior stock preference
  • 42 days later bolting than Nui
  • Ideal in permanent pasture mixes

Variety Overview

 Grazmore is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass with nil endophyte. It has ability to establish quickly into a quality highly palatable pasture, increasing intake and improved animal performance. Grazmore goes to seed 42 days later than Nui, which provides dramatically improved feed quality in late spring and summer and also makes control of seed head development easier. Grazmore was selected and bred from European material, has undergone extensive trailling in New Zealand and Australia. It is suitable for a wide range of soil types and conditions from poorly drained to well drained, light sandy soils to heavy clay loams. Heat and Drought tolerant.

Sowing and establishment

Grazmore can be sown alone at 25-30 kg/ha. Clovers should always be included and other species can also be considered for mixes, at sowing rates between 10-20 kg/ha. It combines well with other components of a pasture mix and can tolerate hard grazing.

Grazing Management
Grazmore is 42 days later bolting than Nui, providing a longer grazing regime with extra productivity over late spring and summer. Grazmore is well suited to a range of grazing systems. It performs well under rotational grazing by both cattle and sheep and also persists well if hard grazed or set stocking by sheep.

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