Who We Are

Stevens Seeds Ltd is an independent Grain and Seed Company based in Rolleston, in the heart of New Zealand’s grain and seed producing area, on the Canterbury Plains.

Stevens Seeds Ltd has a range of Proprietary Cultivars for Seed Production for export and marketing in the local market.

These include Ryegrasses, Clovers, Lupin and Plantain suitable for Pasture, Forage and Silage for Dairy, Sheep, Beef and Deer production.  These Proprietary Cultivars are available direct or distributed nationwide through independent resellers, to bring the farmer the best available at a realistic price. We offer a seed mixing service with our own varieties or can access other varieties to blend.  We have suggested pasture mix blends for improved pasture production.

Stevens Seeds Ltd also undertake the importation of overseas varieties for multiplication in New Zealand and re-export to the plant breeder.  This enables the plant breeder to cut the number of years from conception to the market place by years by maximizing two harvests in one year.

Stevens Seeds Ltd have also undertaken trial work to test their Proprietary grass cultivars against nineteen other grasses for DM production and Livestock Preference.  Details on Trial Data Page.