Samson – stubble turnipsSamson

  • Very high dry matter yields (6% above Barkant*).
  • Excellent establishment.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Very high bulb utilisation.
  • Resistant to powdery mildew.
  • Ideal after a crop.
  • Dry matter yield 3.5-4.0 tonnes per ha.
  • Fresh yields 35-40 tonnes per ha.
  • Crude protein 19-20%.
  • Digestibility value 68-70 D.
  • Metabolisable energy 11 MJ/Kg DM.

Variety Overview
Samson is a tetraploid variety, this crop can produce a nutritious, highly palatable feed in around 12 weeks from sowing. Samson has proven to be very palatable, it is better utilised with its purple-topped roots growing out of the ground. This variety is also very flexible, it can be sown into a cereal stubble straight after harvest, or perhaps following potatoes. Depending upon sowing date, a single hectare can give excess of 40 tonnes of fresh dry matter.

Sowing and Establishment
Sown on its own at 3-4 kg/ha or part as a mix at 1-2 kg/ha. Period for sowing Samson is from November through until March. Samson produces a quality feed in around 12 weeks from sowing.

Grazing Management
Usual management practices for turnips can be adopted. Samson is firmly rooted therefore little wastage.

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