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Promore White Lupins were breed in Germany specifically for the Pig & Poultry Industry to replace animal products being fed back to animals. For example Dried Blood and Meat & Bone Meal.

The resulting factor from this breeding was a fiat white tanin free Lupin with a very high Nutritional Analysis especially the protein component. This Lupin being PROMORE.

Stevens Seeds Limited recognized the potential for this type of product for the stockfeed and human consumption market and secured the rights to produce and market in New Zealand.

We have grown PROMORE White Lupins for the past three years on a limited scale while evaluating the advantages in our market place and have now a large market for these.

An analysis conducted by Massey University has shown very favourable results as below

Massey University Analysis
Dry Matter               87.39%
Nitrogen                    5.78%
Gross Energy         4.4590 Kcal/g
Net Energy              18.6690 KJ/g
Fat Content            25.00%
Protein                      36%

Production is on going and is increasing on an annual basis depending on the market requirements.
Also available Blue Lupins & Tic Beans, ideal as a fodder crop or for nitrogen fixation in soil.

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