Leafmore – rapeleafmore-new

  • Highest yielding variety in 3 years of UK trials.
  • Winner of the Ashburton A&P winter feed competition.
  • Excellent stem to leaf ratio.
  • Good resistance to powdery mildew.
  • Quick maturity (6-8 weeks).
  • Exceptional regrowth for up to 4 grazings.

Variety Overview
Leafmore was bred in Holland. Being a first cross between the two popular varieties Winfred and Emerald. The final selection resulting in a highly productive new cultivar, semi erect in growth habit, multi stemmed with an abundance of large dark green leaves reaching a height in excess of 100 cm on maturity. Extensive trialling in New Zealand and the United Kingdom has shown Leafmore to be an early maturing variety with a high stem to leaf ratio and superior cold growth habit and frost tolerance.

Sowing and Establishment
Leafmore is sown at 3-4 kg/ha and broadcasted at 6-8 kg/ha in early spring through until late autumn. Paddock selection is vital and is best sown in a rotation following pasture preferably with no other brassica history for the previous four years to avoid clubroot. Cultivation should result in a fine, firm and weed free seedbed with adequate moisture available for seed germination. Leafmore as with all brassicas require adequate levels of phosphate, there is a risk of seedling damage where large quantities of phosphate have been applied down the spout especially in dry conditions.

Grazing Management
Leafmore is capable ot excess of 12,000 kg/DM/ha, is able to be grazed 6-8 weeks, regrazing is possible every 4-6 weeks, providing a long term option while retaining high ME values.

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