Gromore – tetraploid Italian ryegrassgromore-new

  • Quick establishment.
  • Fast recovery from rotational grazing.
  • Superior cool season growth.
  • Exceptional energy levels per kilo of dry matter.
  • High stock performance and preference.
  • Nil endophyte.
  • Crude Protein 19.6g/100g DM.
  • Metabolisable Energy 12.3Mj/kg DM.
  • Digestibility 79.1g OM/lOOg DM.

Variety Overview
Gromore is a tetraploid Italian ryegrass that produces a quality, highly palatable feed over autumn, winter and spring periods. Gromore was selected and bred from European material and has undergone extensive trialling in New Zealand and Australia. Gromore is suitable for a wide range of soil types and conditions from poorly drained to well drained, light sandy soils to heavy clay loams.

Sowing and Establishment
When sown alone, Gromore should be sown at 25-30 kg per hectare. When used in mixtures with other pasture species, the sowing rate can be reduced to 5-10 kg per hectare depending on the particular mixture. Seed should be sown at 1-2 cm depth in a fine weed free seedbed for best results.

Grazing managemnet
Gromore will tolerate a wide range of management practices. Gromore has an exceptionally fast recovery from rotational grazing.

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