Gromore + Plus

Gromore + Plus- tetraploid Italian ryegrassgromoreplus-new

  • The same qualities of Gromore ryegrass.
  • Extremely high rust resistance (ideal for more humid climates).
  • Earlier and more rapid growth.
  • Crude Protein 19.6g/100g DM.
  • Metabolisable Energy 12.3 MJ/kg DM.
  • Digestibility 79.1g OM/lOOg DM.

Variety Overview
Gromore+Plus is a tetraploid italian ryegrass which produces a bulk of high quality, highly palatable feed over autumn, winter and spring periods. Gromore+Plus was selected and bred from European material, has undergone extensive trialling in New Zealand, and has now been introduced into Australia. It is suitable for a wide range of soil types and conditions from poorly drained to well drained, light sandy soils to heavy clay loams. Gromore+Plus has a high rust resistance, ideal for humid climates.

Sowing and EstablishmentSOWING 
When used alone, Gromore+Plus should be sown at 25-30 kg/ha. When used in mixtures with other pasture species, the sowing rate can be reduced to 5-10 kg/ha depending on the particular mixture being used. Best establishment is achieved by sowing at 1-2 cm depth into a fine weed free seedbed.

Grazing Management
Gromore+Plus will tolerate a wide range of management practices.
Gromore+Plus has an exceptionally fast recovery from rotational grazing.

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