Fescmore – Meadow Fescue    fescmore-new

  • Superior stock performance
  • Highly palatable
  • Excellent spring-summer production
  • Nil endophyte
  • Ideal alone or part of a mix


Variety Overview
Fescmore is a German bred fescue and was bred for dry arid prairies and snow covered plains. When established is grass grub resistant producing a sweet and highly palatable grass. Fescmore takes a little longer to develop than other fescues, but holds on a lot longer producing more long term feed.

Sowing and Establishment
Sown alone at 25 kg/ha or 15-20 kg/ha in a pasture mix, sow in spring or autumn. Fescues have relatively slow seedling growth compared with ryegrass so must not be sown in ryegrass mixtures, full production is expected after the first year. Do not sow too deep, within the range of 0.5-1.2 cm, certainly not deeper.

Grazing Management
Fescues have excellent production through late spring and summer, perennial ryegrasses stop growing at a soil temperature of 19 degrees centigrade, where fescmore does not. It remains vegetative as the seed head is grazed off and is tolerant to dry conditions.

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