Boxmore –¬†tetraploid hybrid ryegrass.Boxmore

  • Highly palatable long rotation hybrid.
  • Nil Endophyte.
  • High production all year.
  • Superior cool season growth.

Variety Overview
Boxmore is a Tetraploid long rotation hybrid Ryegrass, nil Endophyte that produces a quality, highly palatable feed all year round and especially during the cooler seasons  due to its European Breeding. These characteristics will improve animal performances.

Tetraploids have increased palatability and it has undergone extensive trialing in New Zealand and Australia. Boxmore is suitable for a wide range of stock types, and for silage and quality finishing of stock.
High Perennial Parentage to give extra persistence.

Sowing and Establishment
Boxmore Tetraploid can be sown alone at 25 – 30Kg/ Ha.
Clover should be included, and other species can also be considered for mixes at sowing rates between 10 / 20Kg/Ha.
It combines well with other components of a pasture mix.
Requires fertile soils, summer moist or irrigated conditions and fertilizer for maximum production.

Grazing Management
Tetraploids give high animal intake, and higher clover content, which will give superior animal performances.
Do not overgraze under prolonged dry periods, avoid pugging under very wet conditions.
Well suited to a wide range of grazing systems. Performs well under rotational grazing of all stock types.

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